ORA COGAN - "Harbouring" [BR-003]

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Cd-album 13€. All included

"Ora Cogan was born and raised on a small island on the west coast of Canada, her house was a recording studio and her Family played host to a constant stream of musicians and travelers. Ora started writing songs and performing at 12. Now based in Vancouver, BC. Ora stitches blues, old-time and ethereal ballads into her unique sound. guitar and a voice that could melt butter combine to give an album that sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a cornfield." - AMERICANA UK.

"Ora's voice possesses that haunting, soulful quality that seems like its source is coming from deep deep within or beyond. Like a mysterious transplant from decades past, it's as though she opens her mouth and a lilting voice from the '20s comes drifting out. It's beautiful in its simplicity, just her and her guitar and a few banjo and back-up vocal additions."- AQUARIUS RECORDS

"Ora plays true folk, the kind that is strong and tells stories with a sense of urgency, be it heartbreak or revolution. This album is gorgeous, bitter sweet, and incredibly powerful." - ONLY MAGAZINE